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Software Engineer (Full Stack)

Learn more about this opportunity below: TTO16 - MM/AMIL Support - Software Engineer (Full Stack) 

Clearance: TS/SCI FSP

Location: R&E​


You will join CNO's Discovery Analytics Teams as the first member of the PTPG DAT. This position will provide direct support to analysts and operators within the PT product group. The candidate should feel comfortable designing and delivering full-stack solutions, interacting with users and leadership, and enjoy building tools they get to watch people use. This is a rapid development environment involving full-stack application and analytic development within a small and cross-functional team. The candidate will interact with, and be supported by, the six existing DATs, especially during project ramp up.


Integrate yourself into the operational teams within the section; understand workflows, pain points, problems, and opportunities to enhance productivity.

Identify existing solution space, customer service sometimes means submitting a ticket or orchestrating a conversation.

Design and implement solutions that save time, provide insight, or visualize data that was previously unusable.

Iterate rapidly with customers to prevent miscommunications and save time building the exact solution they need.

Communicate with broader DAT, QC, CNO, and agency teams to identify alternative, or existing solutions. Take advantage of opportunities to attack common development problems together.

Skills Requirements: 

Experience interacting with users, soliciting, and refining requirements, and incorporating user feedback.

Passion for user experience and attention to detail.

Some combination of UI/UX, middleware/API, back-end, DevOps, CNO, and data science experience with a heavy interest in user experience.

Nice To Haves: 

Prior experience working in CNO

JavaScript UI libraries (e.g., React, Vue, Angular)

Python (including Flask/Django/FastAPI)

Java (especially Spring Boot or Drop Wizard)






Relational Databases (Postgres, SQLite, etc.)

C2S / AWS experience

GitLab CI/CD

DevOps experience

YOE Requirement: 12 yrs., B.S. in a technical discipline or 4 additional yrs. in place of B.S.


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