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Software Engineer 3

Learn more about this opportunity below: TO2-002 - QUARTERCARAT - Software Engineer 3

Clearance: TS, SCI w/Polygraph

Location: NBP



- Join CNO's Custom Media Operations team, recent winners of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board Killian Award for outstanding mission support. CMO is leading the charge on successfully applied AI/ML capabilities in the IC. You will guide the team as they develop a wide range of applications, from quick turnaround web scraping and in-house tools leveraged by their data science and production teams to full-stack web development efforts that connect CMO's capabilities with their customers. This is a small team, so you will move from prototype to production quickly, see products through their full lifecycle, and take full ownership of their success.

- Come in and learn as much as possible about CMO's mission, their customers, and their impact on our national security. Our team's goal is to complement their existing team and their expertise with our software engineering skills. In particular, understand their multimedia production team's workflow, challenges, and how software automation and data science make them better, faster, happier, and free to focus on creative challenges instead of repetitive tasks. Build rapport and work day-to-day alongside CMO's AI/ML engineers, bringing your software engineering expertise to bear alongside their ML expertise and math background to build and productionize truly amazing things. Successfully guide and leverage your team of three to have the largest possible impact on CMO's mission. Maintain and continue to buildout existing capabilities, including (but not limited to):

The CMO homepage and website; this is not only customers' first impression of the organization, but is utilized internally by CMO to track customer deliverables through their workflow and facilitates self-service features for the CMO team A full-stack application that exposes novel computer vision models produced by CMO's AI/ML engineers to their customers Rapidly prototype and iterate on future capabilities in close collaboration with CMO's AI/ML engineers to meet customer needs. Deliver proof of concept applications as quickly as possible for feedback and to make sure we are on the right track and building something people will love to use. 

Required Skills:

- Experience successfully leading a software development team, including the solicitation and prioritization of requirements Full-stack development experience, especially with one or more of the following:

- Docker

- General DevOps experience, including GitLab CI/CD

- Java and Spring Boot

- MongoDB

- UI development including JavaScript, React, and/or Material UI

Desired Skills:  
- Experience supporting data scientists or machine learning engineers.

- Experience integrating open-source or proprietary machine learning models.

- Machine learning experience, and experience working with data scientists and deploying ML models.

- Experience with AWS (especially C2S).

- Experience with Python.

- Experience with Node.js and Express.

- Experience with NiFi. 

YOE Requirement:

- 12 yrs., B.S. in a technical discipline or 4 additional yrs. in place of B.S.


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