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Computer Network Exploitation Analyst Level 3

Learn more about this opportunity below: TTO18-013 - QUARTERCARAT - Reverse Engineer/Developer 2

Clearance: TS, SCI w/Polygraph

Location: R&E

- You will act as a reverse engineer and developer, designing cutting-edge security products and leveraging novel analytic techniques. You will work closely with analysts, operators, data scientists, and automation specialists to deliver mission-critical capabilities. Primarily, this role is focused on the automation of computer security operations, achieved through building small utilities that run in Python. Your work would be done independently, while coordinating the broader mission with a larger team.


- Independently develop Python utilities.

- Analyze web traffic using Burp, browser developer tools, or similar platforms.

- Communicate with customers to develop requirements.

- Collaborate with other mission owners to optimize corporate data flow.

- Collaborate with other developers to develop shared libraries.

Required Skills: 
- Experience with web development or reverse engineering (HTTP/TCP/JavaScript).

- Production-grade software development experience in Python.

- Experience working in a Linux environment.

- Service containerization and deployment with Docker/Kubernetes.

- Familiarity with Git.

- Atlassian Tools (Jira, Confluence).

Desired Skills: 
- Experience with additional programming languages (Java, C).

- Experience prototyping web applications (JavaScript).

- Analyzing cyber security-related data sets (network traffic, OS events).

- Knowledge of end-to-end SIGINT collection and analysis systems.

- Experience with production CNO capabilities and operations.

- Experience with mobile development or reverse engineering.

- Experience with client discovery tools.

YOE Requirement:

- 12 yrs., B.S. or 10 yrs. w/ M.S., 4 yrs. of additional SWE experience may be substituted for a bachelor’s degree.


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