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Software Engineer 2

Learn more about this opportunity below: TTO18-025 - QUARTERCARAT - Software Engineer 2

Clearance: TS, SCI w/Polygraph

Location: NBP

- You will be supporting ATPG, and working alongside mission, to understand operational requirements to design, develop, deploy, monitor, and maintain operational network infrastructure. You will be working independently, and as part of a team to build infrastructure capabilities that assist with tool development, including GitLab and continuous integration/continuous deployment infrastructure. As part of the ATPG team, you will have the freedom to identify problems, test and deploy solutions, and most importantly see your work in action! You will work with a diverse team of analysts and operators to identify these problems, and watch mission utilize what you've provided on a daily basis.

- Full-stack development.

- Provide increased visibility of underlying systems and rules for the system administrators on the team; programmatically alert the team to items that require their immediate. attention.

- Manage and sustain an essential GitLab deployment, including CI/CD infrastructure.

- Build out services to improve infrastructure deployment.

- Use open source and proprietary software to collect metrics from various applications, hardware, and network appliances.

- Utilize metrics to understand the health of the network and identify and resolve issues.

- Emphasize customer communication and gather feedback on project status and results.

Required Skills: 
- Extensive experience developing software in GoLang.

- Experience with Docker or other containerization platforms.

- Infrastructure automation tools such as terraform/ansible.

- Development experience in a Linux environment.

- Passion for system reliability engineering - collecting metrics and improve system resilience and software performance in a production environment.

- Experience automating manual processes.

Desired Skills: 
- Experience programming in Python, Java, and ansible.

- Experience deploying and running open-source tools at the agency.

- Experience with Svelte or React.

- CNO experience.

YOE Requirement:

8 yrs., B.S. in a technical discipline or 4 additional yrs. in place of B.S.


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