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Software Engineer (DevOps Focus)

Learn more about this opportunity below: TTO16-001 - QUARTERCARAT - Software Engineer (DevOps Focus)

Clearance: TS, SCI w/Polygraph

Location: Contractor Site


You will be supporting development, deployment, and monitoring of an evolving self-service analytics platform. You will be working closely with analytic developers, data scientists, and other software engineers to integrate AI/ML technologies, automate data flow, enable continuous integration and delivery, and provide feedback on system operations and health. This foundational position has room to grow with a whole ecosystem of possibilities for personal development. 

Manage deployment and operation of containerized system components across hybrid infrastructure.  
Develop and integrate system monitoring capabilities.  
Define requirements for and aide in the development of custom user interfaces to support the self-service paradigm for software engineers and data scientists.  
Establish best practices for development, testing, and deployment of analytic capabilities. 


Skills Requirements:  
Production-grade software development experience in Python.  
Experience with a Docker-based container orchestration tool (e.g., Kubernetes, Docker Swarm).  
Experience developing and maintaining continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines (e.g., Gitlab CI/CD).  
Experience creating and maintaining infrastructure within an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform (e.g., OpenStack, AWS, Azure). Experience working in an agile development team.  


Nice to Haves:  
Knowledge of production CNO platforms and data flow.  
Experience with software platforms supporting real-time business intelligence.  
Expertise in one or more of the following technologies – Elasticsearch, Kibana, Grafana, Redis, Kafka, Nginx.  
Experience with web application/UI development.  
Experience configuring a platform for metrics collection and monitoring (e.g., Prometheus, TICK). 


YOE Requirement: 3 yrs., B.S. in a technical discipline or 4 additional yrs. in place of B.S. 

Location: Visionist HQ 


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