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Computer Forensic & Intrusion Analyst (Master)

Learn more about this opportunity below: 6895-DC3III - Computer Forensic & Intrusion Analyst (Master)

Clearance: Secret

Location: Linthicum

Required Skills:

• Proven written and oral communication skills

• Aptitude for reading all source intelligence information with ability to capture essentials for producing products in timely manner

• Experience reading and writing on topics that are cyber threat technical (i.e., intersect with the APT coupled with theft of sensitive information hosted on cleared defense contractor networks)

• Experience reviewing all-source intelligence information to capture the nuggets that build product reports and presentations that explain targeting usually related to Western advanced system technologies

• Knowledge and experience working with the Cyber Kill Chain Model, Diamond Model and MITRE ATT&CK

• Drafting narrative threat analysis reports in timely manner

• Exercise meticulous attention to detail

• Five years' experience authoring threat reporting involving written narrative analysis that leads to a conclusion


Desired Skills:

• TOP SECRET clearance with SCI


• Be able to brief large conference audiences

• Experience working with other government and non-government threat analysts working similar APT issues

• Experience interacting with external agency specialists who generate raw cyber threat reporting that DCISE Analytics relies upon in furtherance of its mission.

• Two to four years SOC experience

• Several years of IC experience

• Expertise with VirusTotal Intelligence, DomainTools Iris

• Industry certifications; CEH, GCTI, GOSI, OSCP, GCED, GDAT, GDSA, GRID, GEVA, GPEN, GXPN

• Ability to develop Yara or Snort signatures



The successful candidate will be assigned to the Analysis Division of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Collaborative Information Sharing Environment (DCISE) as a Cyber Intelligence Analyst. DCISE Analytics addresses, through narrative analysis and threat warnings, the actual targeting objectives of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) cyber actors - knowledge of which contributes to the CND effort executed by network defenders. Narrative analysis and threat warnings are captured in reports such as the Cyber Targeting Analysis Report (CTAR), Cyber Targeting Bulletin (CTB), and Partner Notifications (PN). Of note, the analyst's rapid absorption of all-source intelligence information, coupled with identifying the "essence" of the theme for timely product generation, is the basic requirement. Also compatible with the aforementioned attribute, is the ability to write analysis that is succinct but containing the necessary detail, and logically presented. Responsibilities include: conducting all source cyber intelligence analysis with an emphasis on actor technology targeting; producing and disseminating narrative analytic reports (CTARs) to provide risk management assessments supporting the network defenders and INFOSEC managers; generating CTBs and PNs for DIB organizations; creating and presenting cyber threat briefings on APT targeting trends, to conference audiences; acquiring knowledge regarding APT actors and targeting through analyzing all-source intelligence; acquiring knowledge regarding the malicious actor attack phases (or kill chain) tied to cyber incidents; reviewing data from multiple sources to identify and understand actual targeted technologies; collaborating with IC and DIB organizations on APT activities and targeted technologies; and processing and answering Requests for Information (RFIs) from USG and DIB organizations.


Alliant LCAT Description:

Provides technical/management leadership on major tasks or technology assignments. Establishes goals and plans that meet project objectives. Has domain and expert technical knowledge. Directs and controls activities for a client, having overall responsibility for financial management, methods, and staffing to ensure that technical requirements are met. Interactions involve client negotiations and interfacing with senior management. Decision making and domain knowledge may have a critical impact on overall project implementation. May supervise others.


Suggested Qualifications:

23 years or more of professional experience without a degree; or 15 years or more of professional experience with a Bachelors degree in an engineering/technical discipline from an accredited college in a related discipline, or equivalent experience/combined education; or 13 years of professional experience with a related Masters degree; or 10 years of professional experience with a related PhD or JD. Viewed as the most senior authority in discipline. Consideration should always be given for the level of specific domain expertise.


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